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“All of these songs are masterfully crafted without appearing so. Brett and company made a record that is more akin to a skilled songwriter at the top of his craft instead of a musician's debut album.” - Raymon Thomson,

“Boys School is a breath of fresh air in a world that seems to be ignorant of rock music of past ages, and they do a fine job of giving classic garage rock new life.” - Jackson Sinnenberg, WGTB,

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Heather Johnson

David Abplanalp-Estime

The Boys School self-titled debut album is released in partnership with the Nectic Collective (

Colin Campbell


released June 5, 2012

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all rights reserved



Boys School Los Angeles, California

Brett Farkas and his revolving cast of the world's most fearless session musicians rip thru fun, fast and classic Rock N' Roll, Punk and Pop.

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Track Name: Medicated
Verse 1

I didn't really want to see them
I didn't really want to be them
I didn't even have to hear them
To know that I should fear them
cuz I didn't really want to know

I didn't really wanna believe them
I can't even try to leave them
I don't wanna have to enjoy them
even though I might have to join them
cuz I didn't really want to no!
but I only know what I've been told!


Oh it's over rated, oh I'm separated from Home, so complicated
They're so ordinary, only temporary, we're all medicated you know??

Verse 2

How they know when I've been cryin
Do they know when I've been lyin
Are they watchin from the ceiling
Would they know if I had bad feelings!
Cuz I really really want to know
But I only know is what I've been told!



We all know the place to go
They won't know
and can't follow

We're under secret stars tonight
They shine bright
This brand new light

Verse 3

I don't wanna have to fight them
But I know I don't have to like them
I don't wanna have to give in
Still this is the place we live in
cuz I didn't really want to no!
But I only know is what I've been told

Track Name: Talking To Myself
Verse 1

Been looking out as far as I can see
and gone so long now they don't hear from me
we take a beating but still standin ilke a tree
No change in the plans, gotta give me one more chance now

This is something that's been weighing down on me
My hands are full with the things that I carry
You can try but I don't give it up for free
Gonna raise both hands up and take my stand now


I don't want anybody talking to myself
I don't want anyone in the whole world to help

Verse 2

Can you hear the things I mutter in my sleep
and have you heard that dude's a lyre and a creep?
How dare they try and make a martyr outta me
Gotta stake my claim got me feelin no pain NO!

Got a feeling it's a very bad disease
It's so hard to tell your friends from enemies
So we don't get too close with everyone we meet
Got me lookin both ways cuz I've numbered my days



Everybody here is so confusing
I'm only tryin to do what's right
and what I'm doing here is so diluted
I think I'll end this fight

Track Name: So Cool - feat. Andy Clockwise

Got an A bomb
Got this strong arm
Honey take mine, hope it don't take long

My head's on fire hot enough to make love
Baby I'm not tired so we got to push and shove
But I don't wanna stop fighting for the same song


why act so Coooooool

Verse 2

Break the bottle neck
Let's make this painless
I don't know anything but I think I'll take a guess

It's really happening, put on your party dress
I know we're far from home and it's always second best
But stop your bitchin and don't act like such a princess



This is the very last time I try to hide don't ask me why
It makes me laugh so hard to know you're part of the big crime

We are some bullshit starters
with faces under water
I don't care what you heard
so don't tell me no lies

Verse 3

Hear the sirens ring
They don't mean anything
A world suicide's always gonna be on your side

It's not time to go I can't even get a ride
You know the slope is steep so try hard not to slide
and step back out from behind things that you try to hide
this isn't a cassette, can't easily just rewind

Track Name: I'm With You

If you want me in your head and in your bed tonight
I'll make sure you're back for more, at least 4000 times


I don't wanna hurt no one
Just because I know no one
If you're high can you give me some?
Because I am with you

Verse 2

You'd be sorry if I left and you'd be left behind
But that'd be so dumb why would I? We're super great combined


Verse 3

Can we go on trips at sea and make believe we're rich
We get along so famously cuz you're brainlessly a catch

Track Name: There It Goes

There it Goes Again
Everytime I close my eyes
There it Goes Again
Gonna Take you by surprise
There it Goes Again
I don't wanna make you cry, but there it goes again!


Everyday, Ever night, every minute it weighs on my mind
with every word I think I buy some time
i didn't really wanna be that guy

It moves fast, way too fast, now I'm reelin and I can't keep up
I feel trapped and now I can't speak up
Now you're wondering lately what's been up


Verse 2

This feeling in my head is so strong comin over me
I wish I could explain so you could see
I'm not the man that I'm supposed to be

I'm afraid and I'm scared that I'll say things I don't mean to say
I don't wanna be someone you'll hate
I never said that I could pull your weight



There it goes again!!

Verse 3

Hearts can change separate ways, but we can say we tried
It's too bad I nearly lost my mind
I hope this hasn't been a waste of time
Track Name: Saturdays

Saturdays sleeping away
It doesn't matter what the jail birds say
They've seen it all, seen it all, oh oh oh….

Sometimes the sailboats sway
down and out as they float away
they've seen it all, seen it all, oh oh oh…

Verse 2

Here and there I've heard you say
Let's move on from this typical way
We've seen it all, seen it all, oh oh oh


Sometimes we may find a rival
that makes it good for our survival
Don't you think you'll be a while?
So relax and try to smile


Blowing winds the seasons change
and the tureen is often strange
we've seen it all, seen it all, oh oh oh…

Chorus 2

This has become so robotic
You're pretty and I'm psychotic
San Francisco's lost its charm
and LA summers aren't so warm

Verse 4

Mornings come, the children sing
and they don't care what your girlfriend thinks
she seen it all, seen it all, oh oh oh…

Now and then my dreams awake
and I can see what we always take
I've seen it all, seen it all, oh oh oh….
Track Name: Lying Next 2U (To You)

I stay in bed all day, and got nothin much to say,
and why do I sitll feel like I do?
I'm losing tons of weight and got a beard I never shave
cuz I wanna just be lying next to you
I wanna just be lying next to you

searching for distractions, I can't justify my actions
I walk around so dazed and confused
This feeling's getting old, so Let all my truths be told
that I'd rather just be lying next to you
yeah I'd rather just be lying next to you


She never laughs when I tell stories, or funny jokes
Compared to you she's fucking boring, man that's how it goes


I don't care about, how we'd fight and shout
All I wanna know is what am I s'posed to do now
Lose that new boyfriend, so I can lie next to you

Verse 2

when you said it couldn't last, you got in that cab so fast
I had nothing left that I could construe
You left me there to hurt, and you kicked my face in dirt,
But I still wanna just be lying next to you
I still wanna just be lying next to you


I miss the dirty things you'd whisper closely in my ear
my new girlfriend she hardly knows me and that's just what I fear



and when I think of you I always start to cry
and I just wish so bad to look you in the eyes, the eyes, the eyes....

Track Name: Out To Sea

Lately I don't wanna fall for it.
I can't seem to change my mind.
Sometimes I find it hard to draw straight lines.
Honestly, you can't tell me

Sunday church bells keep me from my own hell.
Looking off my window sill.
The morning light comes. Do you think I'm dumb?
Honestly, you can't fool me.


From time to time I rest my head
and dream two thousand dreams.
I'll pack my bag and leave the key
when it all floats out to sea.

Verse 2

Turn this car around. I don't like the sound.
Will you swear that you'll come see me.
The clocks spin. We clock in.
Honestly, you won't find me.

Ladies and real men like to drink their gin
and sing songs with the A-B-C's.
The time's come. We'll have fun.
Honestly, no. Seriously.

Chorus 2

I'll use my legs. I'll use my arms.
Just like that old Pretenders song.
Don't you wonder who we'll be
when it all, floats out to sea.

Chorus 3

Sometimes these things go straight to my head
and it sure don't come for free.
Don't you wish that you were me
when it all floats out to see.
Track Name: 747
Verse 1

My baby's flyin home red eye from Atlanta, GA
I can't reach her on the telephone
She's in the air on the wings of an aeroplane
I try so hard not to cry and moan


I'm in LOVE with that girl on the 747
I look up to the sky as she floats down from heaven

Verse 2

Boeing jet, cargo plane, feels the wind in her hair
it's just too bad that we're apart
She's got her pilot's wings, sittin in the captain's chair
now she's crop dustin my heart


Verse 3

On time, perfect touchdown hit the runway
soon she'll be in my hands
She's the fairest chick waitin at the baggage claim
and I can't wait to crash land